Business Tools

Are you tired to searching the internet trying to find the information you need to get you to the next level in your business?

Whether you are starting or expanding your business I’ve created the perfect tools that will help you streamline the process.

The Essential Planners

Each step by step planner is downloadable or printable. Get yours today and start growing your business.

Productivity and Time Management Planner

Learn the ins and outs of being productive so you can take your business and career further than you’ve...

Instagram Marketing Planner

Are you missing the opportunity to reach over 500 million monthly active users on Instagram?

7 Steps to a Successful Blog

Done correctly you’ll grow your audience tenfold, and position your business to lure in clients that you’re meant to serve.

The Ultimate Book Brainstorming Planner

Here’s what you need to know about writing a book: it’s not as difficult or overwhelming as it seems...

Shawn Brooks Sales Funnel Planner

The Sales Funnel Planner

Any marketing professional will tell you it’s far more expensive to convert a new customer than to increase the value of an existing client.

Showcase Your Expertise

Your Credibility and Experience is the Key to a Growing Business. No matter what stage of business you’re in today.

Email Follow-Up Planner

The key is to present an irresistible flow that leads naturally from one step to the next, making each offer along the way.

Design & Plan…Website

We all know the power of first impressions and how long lasting they can be, so you simply cannot afford to waste…

100+ Pre-Written Autoresponder Marketing Emails

Your complete "fill in the blank" autoresponder series you can use for ALL your internet marketing lists and is geared toward TEN main areas of your business!

Until now this has been a true pain and has required tons of writing and maintenance, but the good news is all the work has been done for you with our 100 AutoResponder (follow up) marketing emails.

Social Media - Max Engagement eCourse by Shawn Brooks

Get The No-Nonsense Guidance To Maximizing Engagement and Growing Your Business Through Social Media

From understanding your audience... all the way to building your mailing list, I've personally got you covered. Simple Ideas You Can Start Using Today.

Sign up for my email series today and I'll share:

How to create a social media strategy
How to repurpose your content for even more marketing material
How to analyze your social media strategy
How to recognize the needs of your audience
How much time you should be spending on your social media efforts ...and a whole bunch more.

5 Day Book Writing eCourse

Each week you will learn learn simple yet effective steps for brainstorming a topic, choosing the right format, writing, editing, marketing and selling your book to eager readers for a tidy profit!

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