Ready To Grow Your Business With Personal Coaching?

Get the best out of your business by investing in guidance, insights, and business strategies that can help you achieve your goals.

Coach Shawn Brooks

Does this sound like YOU?

You're overwhelmed and confused by all the tools and services people are telling you to buy...

You've dedicated way more time trying to learn the software and make it work than you spent selling your services...

You wish you could have a fully-automated sales funnel that works for you rather than against you...

Allow me to help you Save time, eliminate problems & improve workflows so you can dedicate your valuable time to other areas of your business.

As your trusted consultant / coach, My goal is getting you off the hamster wheel of solopreneurship and onto a well-defined path to freedom.

Let me free you up to focus on what you do best – running your business.

How Do I Help You?

I start by defining the objective of your session. Whether it's to create a new workflow, help with email templates or to gain insight into how you can improve your business - we'll figure out what needs to be done in order to achieve it.

As a result of working with me clients have:

  • The ability to have a business that gives them the time, freedom, and lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of
  • Learned how to create systems and processes to automate their overall business
  • Enjoyed working with someone who cares about their success as much as they do
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What clients have to say!

This training equipped me with the tools and knowledge to take my business to the next level.  Shawn is very patient, organized, and detailed.  I'm inspired to grow to higher heights.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to grow as a businesswoman. 

Natascha Dawkins

Business Consultant

Shawn Brooks was the right coach for my mess. I started doing the work I love without any idea how the business-end worked. We went through a fast 4-week training. By the end I had what I wanted, less stress. I also had a list of To-Do items, prioritized so I could kick ass. Shawn doesn’t sugar coat it. 

Tre' Grisby

Energy Healer

I’m currently offering coaching through my 

Solopreneurs Community

A global community of solopreneurs with where you get a direct line to Shawn so that you can ask him whatever questions you may have, get the direction and mentorship.

The coaching community will be launching soon.  Please click the button below to join the waitlist.

Or Get 1:1 Quick Coaching  

What You Get!

30 minute Strategy



  • 30 Min Phone Strategy Session
  • Identify Concerns & Advice
  • Q + A (time permitted)
60 minute complete



  • 1 Hour Phone Complete Analysis
  • Full Q + A
  • Complete Analysis
  • Action Plan
90 minute complete
Analysis (+)



  • 1 hour + 30 Minute Session
  • Full Q & A
  • Complete Analysis
  • Action Plan
  • Website Review & Suggestions
  • Autoresponder Review & Suggestions

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if it's right for me?

The process to build a better business isn’t just about systems or tools, it requires real growth and commitment to change from the owner. 

But if you’re ready to do things differently, ready to take action and implement changes, and you want to stop spinning your wheels with every new idea that comes your way, coaching might be the right fit for you.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

My sweet spot is small to medium sized businesses in a growth phase of their business. When you and your business are ready to reach the next stage of your development, it’s the perfect time to work with a coach.

Why do I need a coach?

Every high performer has a coach. From athletes to CEOs, top performers have people around them who push them to be better, who help them improve their performance, and show them how to implement new strategies to find success. 

How does the process work?

Every coaching relationship starts with an introduction and an initial coaching session. We will take time to assess the current state of your business and examine any pain points that you’re dealing with right now. From there we’ll determine which service  is the best fit for your needs and we’ll get started right away digging into the issues that are showing up in your business.

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