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Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur

I want everyone to succeed and I manage to do so by giving motivational talks.  My talks are designed to increase productivity and performance in a manner that keeps people fulfilled in what they do!

A little bit about Shawn...

Shawn Brooks is a business coach / strategist, author, and entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping people succeed in business. The founder and owner of shawnbrooks.com and shawnbrooksdesign.com, Shawn identifies obstacles and challenges hindering people from achieving their true potential and creates strategies to help them overcome. 

I derives immense joy in connecting with people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. I Love helping them get clarity on their vision and purpose to help them find their clear path in business.

A versatile professional speaker whose energy compels participants to take action.

My combined passion and decades of expertise in the field of what is possible through more effective, business building transforms the experiences of those who encounter any of my amazing topics.

Extreme Productivity

In the age of over indulgence in “social media.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Discussing the blueprint you can use the achieve success

Why Not Now

If I can do it so can you!


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Devoting your time to a dream career that brings you satisfaction, growth and challenge is critical to your overall happiness. 

- Shawn Brooks

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