Coaching, Connection,
& Community

The 3 things every entrepreneur needs to enhance their business and further their growth.. 

An Entrepreneurs Community

A global community of entrepreneurs with one goal in mind that’s more than just "live, laugh, and prosper"; it’s to help and support other single entrepreneurs like yourself from all over the world build their own increasingly successful businesses.

All memberships include the following benefits and perks:

Private Coaching

You get a direct line to Shawn so that you can ask him whatever questions you may have, get the direction and mentorship.

Live Workshops

Weekly live calls which include Q&A’s, Website Reviews, and special events.

Monthly Trainings

Exclusive, member-only trainings on latest topics, software, and trends with Shawn and other industry professionals.

Weekly Live Calls

Participate in the community's weekly live calls which include Q&As, Website Reviews, & Special Live Events.


Interact with other solopreneurs from all of the world and have a world-class community backing you.

Referral Network

Connect with like-minded solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to build a solid network of business contacts and friends

Resource Library

Get access to a growing library of useful resources to help your business stay relevant and thrive.

Guest Interviews

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Support and Help

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Who is the All Biz Pro Community For?

The All Biz Pro Community is a friendly online community of like-minded entrepreneurs who aim to help one another grow their businesses. If you’re tired of pushing yourself forward on your own and you want to network with others who are just as passionate about growing a business, this is the place for you because we are all here to support each other’s success!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy journey by any means, but being part of our community will give you access to all the information, training and development required if you choose to work in our highly interactive platform. 

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Connect with business professionals from all around the globe and receive:

  • Personal Coaching from ME
  • Monthly trainings and templates
  • support in our private community
  • set goals and get accountability from your peers
  • ask for feedback on your website, marketing, social media, and more