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As a business owner, having an effective content strategy is essential to driving consistent growth and delivering value to your ideal clients.

If you're looking for an intense 60 minute session that will help you create a content strategy tailored to your specific needs, the Power Hour could be the solution for you.

This powerful hour of accountability and support is designed to provide you with the tools, resources and software necessary to strategize and execute on a winning plan for content creation.

What You'll Learn

Establish Your Audience

Clichés, tropes and stereotypes definitely have their place in storytelling, but the best characters are complex, unique and interesting.

Create Goals and Objectives

Continue writing your own benefits here. Remember that people have short attention spans and you need to hook them with interesting benefits that speak to their needs.

Develop Key Messages

What's the true difference between a villain and the antagonist? Or the hero and the protaganist? Can heros do bad things and still be the hero?

Outline Your Content Plan

You can easily switch out the icons on these benefits elements. Go ahead and find the perfect icons that match your live event.

The Power Hour is an extremely effective way to create a content strategy that keeps your audience engaged and delighted. The time investment up front pays off in the long run as you are delivering consistent and valuable content. It allows you to strategize, plan and take action in one hour, helping you make progress quickly. With planning and structure in place, you’ll be able to create engaging content with greater ease and efficiency.

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