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Discover the Power of Automation!

Introducing your  1 on 1 

Workflow Automation Session

During this interactive and personalized session, we will work together to strategize and map out your business processes, providing you with a clear path to implementation. Say goodbye to confusion and wasted time, and say hello to streamlined workflows that save you time, eliminate problems, and improve your understanding of the automation process.

About the session...

Here's what we will cover:
  • Prepare & Plan: We will ensure you have everything you need to complete the setup and workflow process faster.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Together, we'll outline the steps of your process, ensuring you avoid costly mistakes that could waste time, money, or customers.
  • Workflow Identification: We'll identify the workflows you need and map out the necessary steps, including client communications and internal tasks.
  • Setup Success: We'll guide you through each step of the setup and optimization process to ensure nothing is overlooked and you don't have to start over.

Imagine the Possibilities

Detailed Plan & Execution

You'll have a comprehensive plan for implementing your workflows, providing you with a roadmap to achieve your business goals.

Increased Revenue & Time Saving

By automating redundant tasks, you'll free up valuable time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Confidence in Systems & Team

With reliable systems and streamlined processes, you can step away from your business knowing everything is running smoothly.

Achieve More in Less Time

With the right tools and strategies, you can accomplish more in less time, taking your business to new heights.

Meet Shawn Brooks

Shawn has been an essential part of the growth and development of several million-dollar brands.

He has developed online business infrastructures for over 3,000 entrepreneurs and is the author of an Amazon best-selling book on building your brand.

His ultimate goal is to help business owners build and scale their brands, and he feels more fulfilled than ever before doing so.

Shawn's expertise has been honed through his own entrepreneurial ventures and work with early-stage technology companies which puts him in the perfect position to help you automate your business.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Shawn Brooks' coaching on business systems and automating my customer service process has not only made my life easier as a business owner, but he has also helped me increase my income exponentially. I am on track to six-figure growth before the end of Q2.

Timothy Bond

Publishing Coach

This training equipped me with the tools and knowledge to take my business to the next level.  Shawn is very patient, organized, and detailed.  I'm inspired to grow to higher heights.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to grow as a businesswoman.

Natascha D

Business Consultant

I absolutely love working with Shawn. Having collaborated with him over the course of several years, I can confidently say that it has been an incredible experience. His expertise in workflow automation has truly transformed the way we operate and has played a vital role in the remarkable growth of our business.

Dana Macc

Mindset Coach

Shawn Brooks was the right coach for my mess. I started doing the work I love without any idea how the business-end worked. We went through a fast 4-week course. By the end I had what I wanted, less stress. I also had a list of To-Do items, prioritized so I could kick ass. Shawn doesn’t sugar coat it. 


Energy Healer

Take the easy way out—let me guide you:

Say goodbye to the tedious task of figuring it all out on your own. Let my expertise and experience help you achieve workflow automation success effortlessly.

The Process

  • Schedule & Purchase: Once you schedule and complete your purchase, you will receive a welcome email containing a link to your pre-session questionnaire.
  • Questionnaire & Preparation: The questionnaire will help us understand your business, goals, and challenges, enabling us to design a session tailored to your needs.
  • Session Delivery: Within 48 hours after our call, you will receive a recorded video of the session, along with a session summary, action plan, and any relevant templates or guides.
  • Implementation Support: You'll have 2 weeks of email access to our team, allowing us to provide implementation support and answer any questions related to your action plan.

„ I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable Shawn has been to my business. With his expertise in implementing automated and booking systems, he has transformed the way I work, saving me an incredible amount of time.  "

Silva Harapetian 

Motivational Speaker

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