Learn what it really  takes to create a Beautiful, Authentic Brand that Attracts Thousands of Real Ideal Clients in 30 days

Passion? Check.
A deeper purpose? Check.

A professional, polished, on-point brand? Um, not so much.

Here’s the deal: You’re a smart business owner–but “creating a brand” feels like a monstrous, downright daunting task (especially if you don’t consider yourself creative, tech-savvy or able to drop thousands on a professional brand designer or marketing firm!)

But yet, you know you need “a brand.” 

Well, here’s some good news, and some not-so-good news: Branding probably isn’t what you think it is. In fact, it might be a lot more.

But it is something you can easily do yourself–with the right guidance.

What Branding Actually Is (And Why This Is Amazing News for Entrepreneurs Like You!)

When you hear the word “brand,” what comes to mind? 

Most people immediately think logo, fonts and maybe a basic color palette.

But the truth? There’s so much more that goes into creating a beautiful brand than fabulous fonts and the color scheme of your dreams.


​Let’s break it down

You know how some coaches and entrepreneurs always seem to “hit the right marks” when it comes to everything they create (and make it look effortless)?

For example:

All their emails, social posts and other marketing materials are wildly poignant (and relatable).

Their website copy and sales pages couldn’t be more spot on. 

Oh, and their visuals–well, of course, they’re so-beautiful, professional and look “just like them.”

Except here’s the thing: These business owners aren’t any different or 

more talented or ‘special’ than you are.

They simply know one thing most entrepreneurs don’t: The true definition of branding.

A solid, beautiful brand is so much more than pretty pictures.

A solid, beautiful brand comes from deeply knowing who you are, deeply knowing who your ideal client is, having a deep (and iron-clad) message to share and showing up from a place of deep authenticity–in your images, in your content, in your life.

Oh, and the most beautiful (and smartest) brands also know their ‘brand’ isn’t static.


They also pay deep attention to their ideal client’s wants, needs and desires and make changes accordingly.

​Yeah, creating a beautiful brand is a tall order. But once you have all the ingredients in place, here’s what happens:

You attract clients who know, like and trust the real you from the first time they ‘see’ you

You no longer struggle to create products and posts that easily align with your overall message

You become more than a person–you become a movement

Higher quality clients, opportunities are literally magnetized to you through your words, your images and everything you stand for

You (finally) get to get paid to be the very best version of yourself!

Want this for yourself and your brand (to-be)?


​The Branding D.I.E.T For Entrepreneurs

This easy-to-follow 4-module course contains everything you need to know to build a beautiful, authentic business brand–even if you’re on a budget, not super creative or starting from scratch.
Throughout this course, you’ll learn the basics of building your own brand as you work step-by-step from choosing an ideal client to choosing a color scheme–and everything in between.


Module 1: Defining the “YOU” in your brand

As an entrepreneur, your business begins with you. Module one puts the focus on figuring out who you are, so you can figure out how to confidently and accurately convey that to the people you most want to help.

  • Establish Your Purpose
  • Choose Your Personality and Voice
  • Outline your values
  • Define Your Culture
  • Communicate Your Brand to Your Audience


Module 2: Creating Your Brand Image

Inside module 2, we move away from who you are and dive deep into the look and feel of your brand. This is where you get to know it, so you can confidently create a brand that speaks straight to heart and soul of your target audience.

  • Understanding Color
  • Choosing The Right Fonts
  • Defining Your USP
  • Logo Styles
  • FREE tools to create your Logo
  • Defining logo formats and their usage


Module 3: Website Etiquette  - Do’s and don’t of building your website

In module 3, we go way beyond bells and whistles by diving into the nitty gritty of the essentials of building your online presence.  We will define what’s required to give your website staying power: consistency. (There’s no point creating a gorgeous new website if it doesn’t perform for you.) 

  • Define Your Primary Website Goal
  • Map Out Your Website
  • Incorporate Your Beautiful Branding
  • Attracting The Right Traffic
  • Fill in the gaps and eliminate leaks
  • Accessorize like a super model


Module 4: Social Media Tactics (Instagram)

In module 4, we touch on a marketing component of smart and beautiful branding: Instagram. This module will teach you how to become a unique, stand-out brand simply by operating from a place of brand consistency and authenticity. 

  • Optimize Your Profile
  • Start Growing Your Community
  • #Hashtags Matter 
  • Develop Brand Strategy
  • Build Buzz about your Brand
  • Instagram Ads

Yes, you can Create a Brand That’s True-to-you and Attracts Ideal Clients, Too

I want to help you today!

  • When you get clear on what you’re all about, what your ideal client is all about and how to create a brand that represents the best in both of you, something special happens.
  • You’re no longer ‘trolling’ for clients. 
  • You no longer feel like you are faking or forcing your brand, content or offers.
  • And you finally have the beautiful brand you deserve–with a firm foundation, magnetic messaging and of course, irresistible imagery.

Having a professional, polished and authentic brand unlocks:

1. Scores of clients finding–and relating to–you, easily

2. More and higher-quality opportunities, connections and clients

3. An engaged audience that loves you for you!

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And it can all be yours today!

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Simple, fast and effective oneline training that will give you all the tools you need to understand and build your brand.  You will create the blueprint for your perfect business infrastructure.


  • Defining Your Brand
  • Creating Your Brand Image
  • Website Etiquite - 
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