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Why Is Branding So Important?

  1. Increased exposure to your product/service/cause/company

  2. Memorability. A brand is a sign of good will. It's your reputation that people will remember.

  3. It enables you to set a price premium. Loyal consumers will pay the premium since they believe in it so much.

  4. It creates greater company equity. You'll attract investors and growth.

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What People Are Saying

  • Shawn Brooks is an absolute genius when it comes to branding and marketing. After reading his book, And following his advice, I saw my clientele grow exponentially. In fact, I’m getting so much new business I’ve had to hire extra help. Do what this guys says, and you WILL see results.
    Tamara Ansari, Esquire
    Law Office of Tamara Ansari, LLC
  • In this book I really like how the author hit all the highlights about creating an online business. It's a great read that helps equip you with the valuable tools to create, build and manage your online brand. In "Its All About You" Shawn Brooks discusses important details that will ensure your online brand is destined for success!
    Lakiesha Brown
  • When you decide it is time to tell the story of your brand without unnecessary blocks in creativity and be authentically YOU, the teachings in this book will elevate your company to something that is clear, yet amazing. It’s a solid foundation for creating a compelling story of truth and an innovative way to shape your brand’s identity to connect with your niche audience. It's All About You is a rewarding read that offers pivotal anecdotes that will increase your business competitiveness.
    Dana Fikes
  • In this time of economic uncertainty, Shawn provides a proven avenue for success. Shawn’s thought provoking experiences attest to his resiliency and passion for success and the same passion comes forth in this literary masterpiece as he share his strategies with all.
    L.R. Burnett-Hill
  • This is the best "education" and advice that I have received on this topic -- all in one place. A lot of great information and practical advice. It made me personally stop and think, take stock -- and then gave me practicable ACTION STEPS. I am really glad that I purchased it; and, I am already making better decisions and choices that are showing results. I am also going to recommend it to others.
    Beverly Scott
  • This is an instructional manual to success, written in plain terms, it teaches us not only Branding but how to start a business. I have been hesitant to join social media platforms, for variety of reasons. This book has shown me the need to create a social media presence for me to develop my personal brand. An easy read.
    Curtis V. Hodge
  • I’m so excited! I can’t wait to share this book with my charity group. Our next step “Marketing Your Brand” is outlined in easy to follow instructions. The content is relevant and sharp – an outstanding resource. Thank you, Shawn Brooks, for creating our successful website and now for this golden book on branding.
    Tanya Foskey

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